Demo Case

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Demo Case

Product Description

Item #1000
This beautiful aluminum demo case is the perfect solution for the LED light bulb salesperson. You will love this product. This demo case is produced for LED dealers. This case will allow you to show our products in a classy and professional manner. It is made especially for LED light bulbs to showcase how wondrous the LED luminaries really are.


• Light weight - only 5.5 pounds
• 6.25” x 8.75” x 11.5”
• Comes with power cord
• Power adjustable to show dimming capabilities
• Will demo KODAK LED Lighting’s entire product line

Additional Features

• Two GU 5.3 sockets
• DC Dimmer
• Master Switch with fuse
• Sockets for E26, E12, GU10, G9, and G24
• AC Dimmer

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